• e-Learning
    EBS Programs, documentaries and online lectures are all available at any time with any device for anyone.

Internet & Mobile Services

For CSAT, the College Enterance Exam : www.ebsi.co.kr
EBS’s lectures for CSAT from the most renowned teachers are available online. Students can customize their curriculum in accordance with their academic level and preferences.
For English Education: www.ebse.co.kr
EBS English is a specialized online service for English Education. Users can customize lectures fit to their levels and learn English anytime anywhere
For Math Education : www.ebsmath.co.kr
Students can have fun in learning Math through various content online.
For Software Education : www.ebssw.kr
The ESOF (EBS SOFtware Learning Platform) is an online software education platform that supports customized learning solutions based on your level of learning. Just as Aesop's fables give us wisdom for living in the world, EBS software dedicates to sharing the wisdom for living in the digital world.
For Foreign Language Education : www.ebslang.co.kr
EBS Lang is a website for learning foreign languages. Total 19 languages are taught by the most renowned instructors in Korea.
For Multi-cultural family Education : www.ebs.co.kr/durian
EBS Durian provides multi-cultural families with educational content for learning Korean language and culture in three different languages (English, Vietnam, Chinese)