about EBS

Major Programs

  • Programs

    EBS's long history of creating nationally and globally recognized educational programs
    has given us a reputation as a pioneer in this field.
    We are recognized internationally, as an educational public broadcasting system that is reforming global educational media as a whole.
    We acknowledged early the importance of lifelong public education through the creation of our diverse programming: informative, animated, language, preschool, and children's educational programs.
    We are also contributing to raising the awareness and knowledge of our viewers
    through our premium documentaries and cultural programs.

  • Preschooler & Childeren

    EBS : Developing high quality educational contents so that our youth can be the
    creative leaders of tomorrow.
    Leading the children and preschool field. EBS is broadcasting excellent education
    contents. Over the years, we have developed characters that have been loved by
    generations of kids; these characters are still popular with our children of today.
    The quality animation, international co-productions, and edutainment programs help
    our children become the creative leaders of the next generation.

    Preschooler & Children ProgramPoong Poongie The Fart King. Let’s get together Ding Dong Dang. Tok! Tok! BoniHani.
    Go! Go! Giggles.
    Pororo the Little Penguin. Noonbory. Barnacle Lou. Hello Cocomong. Ava Riko Teo.
    Chiro & Friends. Dinosaur Train.generation.

  • Documentary

    Internationally well known as documentary maker, EBS captivates audiences with your exceptional nature documentaries.We have begun producing academic documentaries such as <A Baby’s World> and
    <The Two Faces of Humans>.
    EBS is currently introducing several technologically experimental documentaries
    including <The Mammoths of the Korean Peninsula>and <Tarbosaurus, the Mightiest
    Ever II> in 3D theaters.
    We are meeting the challenges of making documentaries using the new technologies of the 21st century!

    DocumentaryTarbosaurus, the Mightiest Ever I, II. Early Humans at the Edge of Asia. The Mammoths of the Korean Peninsula.
    Goshawk the Soul of the Wind. World Theme Travel. Wonderful Science. Only One

  • Culture & Educational Knowledge

    Knowledge and information are being more important in all areas of today’s society.EBS provides the information to make people’s lives more enjoyable and prosperous.
    Faithfully carrying out our duty as a public broadcasting network, we provide everyone with the knowledge and information they need to meet the demands of the 21st

    Culture ProgramKnowledge Channel e. 60 minutes-Parents. Space Sympathy. Cinema Paradise. EBS
    Robot Power. Scenery Hope. Best Food Recipe.

    Educational Knowledge ProgramEducation of World Education Place. EBS Education News. Best Teacher. TV Lifelong
    University. Education Invitation. TV Admission Circumstances.

  • Radio & EBS English

    EBS, Globalizing KoreaEBS is promotion an understanding of international society and a global sense to our audience. The lifelong English educational channel has diverse programs that enhance
    the English ability of preschoolers, children and adults through an English-friendly
    environment. Global sense is developed listening and watching our diverse
    programming from the special foreign language education programs of EBS FM, and
    EBS English to the cultural informative documentaries on our main channel.

    Radio & EBS EnglishMorning Special. English Café. Dynamic Writing, EBS World New. Show! Live English.
    Go For it! 3rd Grade English.
    Here We Go! 4th Grade English. My First English Writing Note. My Fun Reckless English. Sun Kim & Shane’s Business English.

  • EIDF

    EBS and EIDF (EBS International Documentary Festival) present a view of the world
    through a window of diversity.
    The festival seeks to create a broader insight into our world and to promote a tolerant society. EIDF has three objectives: popularizing documentaries, introducing the latest
    world documentary trends, and helping develop the domestic documentary industry.
    Since our inception in 2004, we have increased our entries films to over 350 and our
    viewers to around 3,000,000 in 2009.

    Achievements of EIDF

    • - Continious increase of entries: 115 entries(2nd), 115 entries(3rd), 292 entries(4th),
      310 entries(5th), 350 entries(6th).
    • - Continuious increase in viewers: to about 3 million viewers in 2009
    • - Initiated EDF (EIDF Documentary Fund) for Korean documentary makers to recieve
      funding for their proposed films: 2009/Prize 30 million won ($30,000 USD)
    • - International joint promotion: Mutual promotion agreement with MIPDOC and
      Exchanges with HOTDOCS and SUNNYSIDE OF THE DOC
    • - Increased participating audiences using TV screening and offline events
    • - Gained international recognition: Established as Asia's representative documentary