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EDRB is a service providing educational digital contents into clips,
which may be used in class in order to enhance the competitiveness of digital contents
and complement public education. Both teachers and students may freely use anytime
and anywhere all kinds of videos needed in class to raise the quality
of school education.



1 Secondwebpagevideo
You may use this material to provide motivation while learning the concept of one second as a measurement of time.

- Classification: Mathematics > Figures > Time > Learn the concept of one second

Future society and environment-Soybeanwebpagevideo
The model U showcased by Ford, a global automobile company, uses plastic made of bean protein. This plastic made of bean protein is as strong as plastic made of petroleum and does not damage the ecosystem. Model U showed the value and potential of beans as a future industry and proved automobiles can be produced using materials other than petroleum chemicals.

1. Science > Science and Civilization > Chemistry-physics > New material > Macromolecule chemicals
2. Science > Objects and energy > Chemistry > Carbon compound > Carbon compound and our lives
3. Science > Cosmos and life > Living organism > Bioscience and human being's life > Modern biology and the future of human beings
4. Society > Ethics > Morality > Blue star we protect > How to practice living in harmony with nature

The most accurate clockwebpagevideo
Which is the most accurate clock? Let us learn about KRISS-1, the most accurate clock in Korea.

- Science > Objects and energy > Physics > Waves and particles > Spread of waves

History of footballwebpagevideo
Let us learn the history of football through Pakaembu football museum which has the historical records of football.

- Arts and physical education > Physical education > Competition activity > Football

[Animation]Do you have a pet?webpagevideo
Arrogant Peoni is lost in pursuit of his crush. Having learned that the girl he has a crush on is looking at pets in a pet shop and likes dogs, Peoni introduces to her a dog called Peonchili. But the dog is a scallywag who bites everything and urinates everywhere. Peoni is therefore alienated again from his girl. It is an animation composed of questions and answers on whether they have a pet. Learning how to ask and answer questions may be used as material to induce motivation.

- English > Primary school > Fifth grade > Common > Do You Have English Class Today?
- Arts and physical education > Primary school > Art > Fourth grade > Expressing with videos > Moving drawings

Mathematica – The Principles of Math -
Pythagorean Theorem
By explaining for easy understanding through a video the principles of mathematics hidden in our daily lives, it is a program that easily explains the definition and proof of the Pythagorean theorem. Thus, it makes mathematics fun to learn for not only high school students but any student regardless of level.

- Mathematics > Figures > Pythagorean theorem