Primary School
We provide fun and beneficial learning contents with sound composition by summarizing mid-term and end-term class contents, including the Naegong Nyam Nyam series, for primary school students who are starting to learn.


Middle School
Through the EBS premium middle school lectures, a program series of class content TV for middle school students, and perfect checking of class content through questions, you may enjoy quality educational lectures.


High School
Through a user-friendly learning system composed of custom-tailored step-by-step lectures of the best teachers, and advance provision of college entrance exam information in cooperation with related organizations, we provide the best learning system to complement public education.

EBS leads the fostering of competent students without private tutoring by providing self-guided learning through the Internet.


PEBS Primary school Naegong NyamNyam
Math grade 3 (2011)
As a math course series of the basic math book for primary school students, Naegong Nyam Nyam precisely puts together the basic and core math concepts to enable third grade students who may find math difficult to learn on their own through the online lectures. These lectures are provided for easy understanding from the viewpoint of children.

PHow to Make? Paperwebpagevideo
It is a program that teaches how objects primary school students encounter in daily life are produced. Enjoy videos showing how objects you easily encounter in daily life are produced!

MEBS TV middle school grade 2 - Science
It strictly analyzes the science textbooks of middle school and deals with various subjects middle school students should definitely learn. As a science course for easy understanding of principles and concepts, it fosters in the youth the ability to view and think scientifically through meaningful science classes.

HExciting Korean Geography by
Bong-gyun Kang (2012)
The lecturer strictly analyzes textbook content to help the in-depth learning and easy understanding of Korean geography by themes. In addition, questions are solved at each stage to further improve grades.