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A Baby's World, Part 1 - The First Stepwebpagevideo
As a high-quality documentary closely reporting and showing the amazing process of a baby's growth, it analyzes in detail the hidden secrets behind. To all baby's behavior, scientific secrets are hidden. Babies are born with the main abilities necessary to survive in life and are programmed to mutually interact with their parents. The origin of such human abilities is analyzed based on a baby's form of behavior and the latest research achievements (development test, nerve science, growth psychology, etc.) and these are put together from the viewpoint of a baby to provide fresh and shocking insights.

Motivated Mind (Part 1)webpagevideo
Just as we are born with a personality and intellect, motivation, at times, is also innate. The main argument of educational psychology is that these can be fostered and controlled by properly educating babies. The special documentary "Motivation" was produced precisely to focus on this. In Part 1, we get to examine the impact motivation has on our overall thinking and behavior through all kinds of tests. In Part 2, an "inner motivation drawing project" is carried out with primary school students to examine how motivation influences studying and how to specifically teach children lacking motivation.

20 Days without TVwebpagevideo
What would happen to our lives if TVs disappeared?
If you were to live 20 days without a TV?
A home without a TV? A living room without a TV? Lost children.
But as people slowly get used to a life without TV, they come to realize how much they have lost from watching TV.

Ultimate Cooking Tips - Bulgogi sandwich and
Mattang (Sweetened fried sweet potato)
Cooking methods and recipes are provided for easy cooking of all types of dishes, including Korean, Western, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as snacks and healthy meals.
For a satisfying meal: Bulgogi in a chewy baguette for a nutritious bulgogi sandwich.
A sweet snack to melt the cold. How to simply prepare sweetened sweet potatoes.