We produce and broadcast quality edutainment programs by adequately mixing the educational and
entertainment elements for babies and children to realize their dreams for the future.
In addition, we provide outstanding educational contents through joint international production and
lead programs targeting babies and children.



Pororo, the Little Penguinwebpagevideo
Composed of various episodes of animals living in a snowy town in the polar region, it is the representative character of a 3D animation program purely made in the Republic of Korea. It is exported to 120 countries worldwide.
Penguin Pororo always wears a pilot hat and goggles because he wants to fly and engages in fun and exciting adventures. Penguin Pororo also builds friendship with Petty, the sociable and good girl; Poby, the big white bear; Loopy, the meticulous and shy female beaver; Eddy, the knowledgeable and wise baby fox; and Crong, the baby dinosaur who was born from an egg.

Hello, Kemi!webpagevideo
What are the shapes of objects viewed from the eyes of a baby?
Tomatoes, milk, fish, toys, and fairy tale books we find in our daily lives become outstanding materials for children to learn about the world as well as to imagine creatively. If we were to look at objects without bias and with the logic of a child, wouldn't we be able to better understand children's hearts and approach them better? Through the adventures of Kemi and her friends, who are loved by their curious viewers, children get to expand their knowledge and build imagination and creativity.
Let us meet Kemi, an emotion-based edutainment program.

Dalgo, the Greatwebpagevideo
It is the first documentary children's story program that teaches elementary school students the preciousness and emotions of life.
Instead of the existing dictionary approach based on an animal encyclopedia, it takes an emotional approach to life to move children and make them realize the preciousness of life. By walking slowly with a snail, children get to look with amazement at the hitherto ignored world with a new eye.

The Cosmic Adventures of Leo and Copperwebpagevideo
Leo and Copper show the cosmic world through fun stories and outstanding video by going on a time voyage five billion years ago to find out how the earth we live in was created and how big and hot the sun is. As a scientific and educational 3D animation program for children, it recreates a real-looking cosmic world that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Robocar Poli - Jaywalkingwebpagevideo
An automobile rescue team that transforms into robots. Guardian angel “RobocarPoli” always protects friends.
Brave police car Poli, who lives in the beautiful island town of Broomstown, solves small and large accidents, together with powerful fire truck Roy, smart ambulance Amber, and humorous helicopter Helly, to save their friends.
Children watching the brave rescue team that transforms into robots can naturally learn how to prevent accidents from the program.

Sing Sing English Songwebpagevideo
As an English music program, English songs of various genres are sung together with movements and Miss Sing Sing. This is to make English more easily accessible.
In addition to the existing animation, short stories and various activities are provided for children to learn English children's songs and the basic musical elements of rhythm, scale, and harmony.