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President & CEO CEO’s Secretary Office Educational Broadcasting Research Center Vice President Board of Directors Office of the Board of Directors Dept. of Educational News Dept. of Program Review & Audience Service
Policy Planning Center
Policy Planning Team
Planning & Budget Team
Organizational Management
& Legal Affair Team
Management Support Center
Human Resources Team
Finance & Accounting Team
Operation Support Team
Content Planning Center
Program Planning Team
Program Commissioning Team
Global Content Team
Platform Operation Team
Content Management Team
Division of Preschoolers & Children Projects
Animation Team
Preschoolers & Children Education Team
Division of Broadcasting & Production
Broadcasting &
Production Planning Team
Educational Documentary Team
Cultural Program Team
Program Team
Radio Program Team
Division of School Education
School Education
Planning Team
CSAT Book Planning Team
CSAT Education Team
Students’ Creativity & Personality Program Team
English Education Team
Math Education Team
Division of Converging Technology
Technology Planning Team
IT Operation Team
Production Technology Team
Digital Video Team
Digital Editing Team
Broadcasting Team
Division of Content Business
New Growth Planning Team
Content Business Team
Online Educational Business Team
Publishing Business Team
Ad & Cultural Business Team
Division of Video Art
Art Team
Video Graphic Team
ENG Video Team
Studio & Relay Broadcasting Team
Audit Office
Audit General

Holding Power

Division of External Relations
External Relations Team
Corporate Social Responsibility Team
Public Relations Team
Address35, Baumoe-ro 1-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone / E-mail+82-2-526-2300 /
Online Servicewww.ebsi.co.kr (CSAT), www.ebslang.co.kr (Foreign languages), www.ebse.co.kr (English)
Commencement of Broadcasts1990
ChannelTerrestrial channels(TV, DtV, FM Radio) / Satellite & Cable channels(Plus1, Plus2, EBSe, DMB,
EBS America)
No. of Employees594 (Limit : 611)
Organization4 divisions, 4 centers, 1 bureau, 1 department, 1 office, 44 teams
Weekly BroadcastBroadcast service for a total of 56,205 minutes per week through 7 channels of
ground wave TV channel, cable and satellite

channels (Plus1, Plus2, English education channel), radio, satellite DMB, EBS America, etc.