About EBS

Implementation Plan

1. Support diverse contents for creativity and personality development.

- Enhance content services for preschool education to cultivate children’s potential for them to achieve their dreams.
- Expand contents for personality development, history, and career education.
- Support creative contents to help artistically talented children to enhance their skills and land to the job they want.

2. Increase support for curricula-specific learning.

- Advance EBSe services for preschoolers and other schoolchildren.
- Develop the contents of basic education for elementary and middle schools.
- Improve the quality of the No. 1 CSAT books.

3. Enhance global contents competitiveness.

- Develop creatively unique high-quality EBS educational contents.
- Focus on exploring “Key Contents” in each program field.
- Extend educational contents and educational services to the world.

4. Scale up shared education and cooperation.

- Reinforce broadcasting services that contribute to the society.
- Increase support projects for marginalized people.
- Diversify education, donation, and other philanthropic services.

5. Bolster users’ convenience.

- Strengthen the N-Screen services for increased users’ access.
- Realize omnidirectional content planning and menu services.
- Build a foundation for mobile content services.

6. Lay the groundwork for growth engines.

- Forge organizations for new growth engines.
- Introduce efficient work processes to improve brand competitiveness.
- Fortify R&D to establish future competitive edge.