About EBS


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Month / Year Outline
1973 march Legislation that gives grounds for establishment of an educational channel
1974 march Launching Radio School Broadcast
1980 September Taking over 'Home High Schooling' from KBS
Launching 'TV High School Educational Broadcasting'
1981 February Establishing an educational channel at KBS
1990 December Initiating EBS the annexation of KEDI (Taking over KBS's 3TV and educational FM Radio)
1997 march Founding the Korea Educational Broadcasting Institute
1997 August Launching satellite and cable TV retransmitted
2000 June Registering the creation and incorporation of EBS (Korea Educational Broadcasting
2000 December Operating EBS main website (www.ebs.co.kr)
2001 November Opening EBS DTV
2002 March Launching satellite broadcasting through Sky Life (EBS TV, EBS Plus 1, EBS Plus 2)
2004 April Starting 'EBS CSAT Lecture' service (www.ebsi.co.kr)
2001 May Launching EBS America for Korean-Americans in the U.S.
2006 July Starting EBSlang (www.ebslang.co.kr)
2007 April Starting EBS English (www.ebse.co.kr)
2008 December Launching IPTV in real time
2009 October Promoting EBS digital curriculum
2010 July Started providing screen explanations, subtitles and sign language services for the disabled
2010 October EBS America advanced into Direct TV, the largest satellite broadcasting company of the United States
2011 May Opened pilot service site of EBS EDRB (www.edrb.co.kr)
2011 June Launched Internet EBS sites for elementary and middle school students
2011 July Launched “Durian site (ebs.co.kr/durian/kr)” for multicultural families
2012 April Started pilot broadcasting of 2D/3D mixed (ground wave TV) programming for the first time in the world
2012 July Established a broadcasting station for a premium channel specifically for infants and children (EBSu) and Web site (www.ebsu.co.kr)