About EBS


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Year Outline
1973 Legislation that gives grounds for establishment of an educational channel
1974 Launch of Radio School Broadcast
1980 Launch of TV High School Educational Broadcasting
1990 Founded as an annexation of KEDI
1997 Satellite Broadcasting EBS Plus1 & EBS plus2
2000 Established as a public & independent corporation
Launch EBS Internet Broadcasting (www.ebs.co.kr)
2001 “EBS DTV” (call sign HLQL-DTV) is opened
2002 Satellite broadcast launched (EBS TV, EBS Plus1, EBS Plus2)
2004 EBS CSAT Preparation Service (www.ebsi.co.kr)
2006 EBS AMERICA for Korean-Americans in US
EBS Language learning internet service (www.ebslang.co.kr)
2007 Launch of EBS English
2010 EBS America enters to Direct TV , the largest satellite broadcasting in USA
2012 Launch of EBS U for preschooler and kids
2013 Launch of EBS Math Website
2015 Launch of EBS 2 TV (MMS : Multi-Mode service)